Reflecting first week of the hotel life

DSC04429This will be the diary for me to stay in touch with the trends of the world and to keep me updated to all of my lovable family and friends. Hope I don’t get tired of writing this easily. Will try my best.

This week, I started to live in a tropical island in America. My dream in the future is to live back in San Fransisco someday, so I’m regarding this as one step up to achieve my goal. (in my plan, this goal will be achieved around when I’m 60yrs old.). Also I will be living in London in two or three years before I get 30. Thats my career plan for the next few years.

Back to the topic. I never thought I would be living here three years ago, when I visited this island with my colleges for the first time. At the time, we fortunately (or unfortunately) inspected all the 5 hotels we have and had no time to spend our time. That was a good experience. I think.

This week was so busy, learning all the things about the hotel and the hospitality. Wished I had learned hotel hospitality when I was in college. Meeting new staff (of about 150??) was very exciting but I have such a bad memory so I have to try to remember manager’s level staff’s name first.


Thanks to Mr.S, announcing who I am before I came here, everybody’s very kind here. Loving the island hospitality of “living with the weather”. Hoping everybody’s doing well in Japan, Chile but missing my home already… and missing all my friends. But, I know I could grow up a little here so I will try hard for at least a year or so.